Apex Legends Season 9 Split - What Happened To Ranked Matches Today? (June 15)

The Season 9 Ranked split will occur today!

By Kyle Knight

June 15, 2021

As of June 15th, players will have reached the halfway point of Apex Legends Season 9, also known as ‘Legacy’. This is an important moment for all those Apex fans that play ranked, as today will mark the split for Apex Legends Season 9.

There are numerous things that occur in the ranked split, one of which is a new map is rotated in to mix things up. So for those that have become accustomed to playing on World’s Edge on Apex Legends‘ ranked mode, make the most of it before the split occurs at some point today (June 15).

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Apex Legends: Legacy Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends: Legacy Battle Pass Trailer

What Is The Apex Legends Ranked Split?

At the halfway point of each ranked season, Apex Legends‘ ranked mode is ‘split’. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means your rank will be demoted so you can almost start fresh again. Of course, there will be rewards based on how high your rank is during the split.

Split 1 began at the beginning of Season 9: Legacy, and now later today (June 15) players will enter into Split 2. If you’re an avid fan of ranked mode in Apex Legends, you can expect your rank to have dropped by 1.5 tiers.

You can check out all of the Ranked Tiers below to see where your rank will drop to after the split:

  • Bronze (Base Rank)
  • Silver (1,200 RP)
  • Gold (2,800 RP)
  • Platinum (4,800 RP)
  • Diamond (7,200 RP)
  • Master (10,000 RP)
  • Apex Predator (Top 750 Players)

Players’ rank being reset isn’t the only thing that occurs in the split, players will now get to play on a new map for the second half of the season. Previously, Split 1 featured World’s Edge as the featured Ranked map. But that’s all about to change in the new split.

Season 9 Ranked Split 2 – Map Rotation

Once Split 2 for Apex Legends Season 9 goes live later today (June 15), World’s Edge will no longer be featured in Ranked. Instead, fans can expect Olympus to be rotated in for the second half of the season.

Olympus was first introduced to Apex Legends in Season 7, and is a floating city high above the planet Psamathe. Check out the official Apex Legends website to find out more about Olympus and prepare yourself for the second split.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

As mentioned previously, we’re now halfway through Season 9 of Apex Legends. Legacy began on May 4 and is expected to finish on August 3.

The latest season of Apex Legends introduced a new legend, Valkyrie, as well as the new 3v3 Arenas Mode. Check out the official Apex Legends website to find out more about Season 9, including the new Bocek Bow.

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