Apex Legends Second Chance - New Game Mode Explained

Second Chance allows you to drop as hot as you want.

April 13, 2021

Apex Legends is introducing a whole slew of new game modes starting today with Second Chance.

Respawn Entertainment seems to really understand what makes their game fun. Between new playable characters, events, and seasonal changes, they have created a sizable player base that keeps coming back every season.

Today starts the Apex War Games event and to kick things off, the Second Chance game mode goes live later this afternoon.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Second Chance.

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Apex Legends Second Chance Explained

All the new game modes that are being introduced for the limited-time event are pretty straightforward, but there are still some questions regarding how they’re going to work. Here’s what you need to know about the first game mode, Second Chance.


In Second Chance, everyone in the game is given one respawn per match in the form of a Respawn Token. According to the official Apex Legends website, once a player has been eliminated, they retain all their gear and items and “the player respawns high in the air to skydive back into the action.”

While this seems like a blessing for early game squad wipes, it might be a source of easy pickings during the late game while players are skydiving and potentially vulnerable.

Respawn has clarified that players will be “unable to unlock Assassin, Wake, or Wrath badges, since these prestigious badges would be far easier to unlock in this mode.”

Apex Legends Second Chance will only be running today, April 13, through April 15 when it will be replaced with the Ultra Zones mode.

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