Apex Legends is Adding a Limited-Time Solo Mode Starting Next Week

Apex Legends gets a limited time solo mode for The Iron Crown Event that runs from August 13 to the 27.

Earlier today, developer Respawn announced via Twitter that they’ll be adding an all-new Solo mode to Apex Legends, their popular take on the battle royale genre. If you’ve been living under a rock, Apex Legends puts players onto a team of three as they fight to be the last squad standing. Fans of the game have been hankering for a mode that switches things up and this looks like exactly what the doctor ordered.


The Iron Crown Collection Event will run from August 13 to the 27. That means you have two weeks to try out the new mode. There aren’t many details in the short, 25-second trailer; however, I don’t know how much more we need to know. If you’re someone who doesn’t like squadding up with randoms and has trouble getting a group together (raises hand), this might be the mode for you. If the mode proves popular, it’s not that hard to see Respawn deciding to keep it around permanently. They also could use this experiment to help find other modes to spruce things up even more.

Of course, the big potential issue with this solo mode is that Apex is a character shooter. Because it was originally designed for three teams, some characters might turn out to be overpowered. This isn’t PUBG where everyone starts with the same basic character. Someone playing Mirage is going to play very differently from someone playing Pathfinder. That said, I’m interested to watch the experiment and see if any characters take over as the de-facto choices in solo mode.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Go download it before the Iron Crown Collection begins August 13.

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