How to get Apex Legends on Switch When it Drops on March 9

How to get Apex Legends on Switch When it Drops on March 9

You'll be able to hit the jets because Apex Legends is dropping hot on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Apex Legends has been confirmed to be heading to the Nintendo Switch since last year during EA Play 2020, however, it was originally to release somewhere around Fall of that year but was delayed to 2021. Now, it’s finally going to be available on Nintendo’s handheld console later this year, allowing players the chance to get through the game’s eighth season since it’s launch in 2019.

It has been said that those looking to enjoy Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch will be able to later this year on March 9.  VGC noted that during EA’s third-quarter earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the release date. This was hand-in-hand when he mentioned that the game has seen a “30% growth in new players, year-over-year.”

Additionally, those jumping on with the Switch version will gain 30 free levels on the Season 8 Battle Pass, allowing them to catch up with the Season 8 update that arrived today. It’s also said that Panic Button has been in charge of the Switch port, who has previously ported Psyonix’s Rocket League to the console. Cross-play will also be present when the Nintendo Switch version lands.

The game arriving on the Switch in March means that players will be able to jump into Apex Legends and get busy with killing other players across the various maps. Although King’s Canyon is the latest map to face a significant change to coincide with the arrival of Fuse. Fuse is a new Legend that likes explosions and brings some new skills to the battlefield.

While you may already be playing Apex Legends on another platform, downloading the Nintendo Switch version will more than likely not carry any progression earned on other platforms. Lead producer, Drew McCoy told Eurogamer in 2019, “Unfortunately we won’t ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases”. However, more recently in a Reddit AMA in December, Respawn confirmed that it does want to introduce cross-progression, but it’s in early development.

When it does become available you’ll be able to download it for free through the Nintendo eShop. along with the optional choice to purchase “editions” for exclusive content or Apex Coins to spend in the in-game store. However, the more matches played, and challenges completed, the more you earn a free currency that can be used to unlock new Legends, quips, and skins. There’s also a Battle Pass that can be purchased with each new season that brings even more exclusive content.

Respawn initially told fans not to expect any promises that the game would be heading to the Nintendo Switch, and then the following year it was slated to be heading to Switch with cross-play. The game’s arrival on the switch was leaked through YouTube descriptions from Apex Legends’ localised accounts, and then again through a Japanese listing. And then finally, on February 1, the game director confirmed the Apex Legends Switch version would get an announcement of some sorts.

Apex Legends is available for free on PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and soon it’ll be available on the Nintendo Switch.