Apex Legends’ System Override Event Introduces Deja Loot, Evo Shield, and Kings Canyon

Apex Legends’ System Override Event Introduces Deja Loot, Evo Shield, and Kings Canyon

Deja Vu, Deja Loot, Deja Who?

Respawn Entertainment seems to be on the ball with content for Apex Legends these past few months. We’ve seen things get lovey-dovey with the Valentine’s Day Rendevous event, there was the Assimilation update which introduced a new Legend, a Grand Soirée event arrived in January, and there were the winter events that took place before 2019 was over. Now, we’re seeing a new event heading to the game.

Apex Legends’ new event is the System Override Collection event, and it’s introduced with a glitchy, high-adrenaline trailer to get things buzzing.  The event brings a bunch of cosmetics, but also some changes to gameplay and the map.

Deja Loot is a new limited-time mode that gives loot a permanent place across the map rather than loot being randomly generated. The event has a bit of story tied to it, claiming a glitch in the system has caused the loot to spawn in the same locations. It’s not just the loot affected though, as the dropship flight path and ring placements are fixed. The latter two change per day, but loot locations remain in place throughout the duration of the event.

In addition, the event will see players for the first week of the event landing in World’s Edge. In the second week, players will experience the event in Kings Canyon, the original Apex Legends map.

A new type of shield is arriving in the world Apex Legends. Called the ‘Evo Shield’. This shield starts off weaker than a level 1 body shield, but as you inflict damage to other players —that aren’t downed— your shield becomes stronger. Apparently, it can become stronger than the purple Epic Body Shield. The Evo Shield’s progression can be carried over from person to person.

This new shield will be exclusive to the Deja Loot game mode and spawns at a higher rate. Respawn Entertainment is considering adding the Evo Shield to the rest of the game depending on how it goes throughout the System Override event.

The prize track system that arrived briefly during the Grand Soirée event is returning for this event. It’ll be offering players more rewards and more ways to earn. This will include a mixture of ways to earn through completing challenges through either the Deja Loot mode or standard matches.

There are also to be 24 themed cosmetics heading to Apex Legends that are also only going to be available for a limited time. Players can directly purchase these with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. They’re also available within Apex Event Packs which will give the player one event item and two non-event items with different drop rates. You can read more about the specifics on the official blog.

If players unlock all 24 cosmetics during the event, they’ll unlock an Octane Heirloom set for free. However, if players don’t unlock all 24 cosmetics, the Octane Heirloom set will be available through Apex Packs after the event. Speaking of Heirlooms, Respawn is making it easier to unlock the heirloom you want. Instead of having a set dropping at once, players will now earn shards. Shards allow players to pick the exact set they want.

The upcoming event will take place on March 3 and will end on March 17. Apex Legends is free for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.