EA’s Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Receives First Trailer and Releases

EA’s Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Receives First Trailer and Releases

Titanfall battle royale game Apex Legends received a cinematic reveal trailer and subsequently launched for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

After being leaked by influencers late last week, Respawn Entertainment’s CEO Vince Zampella confirmed the existence of Apex Legends, a battle royale game set in the world of Titanfall, on Twitter. He then told fans to tune into the game’s new Twitch Channel at 8am PT today in order to get a better look at things. While a livestream just teased viewers for a couple hours, we did finally get a reveal trailer for at noon.

The reveal trailer was purely cinmeatic, but was still quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, a few influencers spread the word about Apex Legends a bit too early, resulting in it being leaked early. Following Rod Breslaw’s detailed Twitter post about it, Kotaku posted an article outright confirming the game’s existence and speculating that Apex Legends may be a stop gap between Titanfall 2 and a real Titanfall 3.

Many were expecting the game to make an appearance at the Super Bowl, and while it didn’t have trailer there Vince Zampella did confirm that Apex Legends existed as the (very boring) Super Bowl LIII was going on. At 8am PT the livestream began, showcasing a grassy alien environment. Over time, the screen would “glitch out” and show a soldier before cutting back establishing shots of various parts of the game’s map.

Following what previous leaks revealed about the game, this trailer does give us a better idea of what to expect from EA and Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming battle royale game from a cinematic perspective. Apex Legends will technically be EA’s first full foray into the battle royale market, as the underperforming Battlefield V’s battle royale mode Firestorm is coming until sometime this spring.

When it comes to gameplay, Apex Legends looks to be exactly like what was leaked. It is a battle royale game that supports up to 60 players each match. While there are, unfortunately, no titans to be seen in this reveal trailer, we do see that Apex Legends features Overwatch-like character abilities. It will certainly be interesting to how the game looks and plays now that this livestream is full steam ahead and we can actually play Apex Legends ourselves.

You can watch first trailer from this stream below. Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.