Apex Legends Ultra Zones - New Game Mode Explained

Lock and load in the Hot Zones.

April 15, 2021

As the Apex Legends War Games event continues to rage on, today it introduced the Ultra Zones game mode.

Apex is one of the games that just keeps giving. The newest in-game event has Mad Maggie taking charge of the Apex Games and changing things up for players.

The War Games event is in full swing and is moving on to its second game mode: Apex Ultra Zones.

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Apex Legends Ultra Zones

Over the next week or so, the game is going to be getting new rotating game modes for the main Apex playlists. The team at Respawn ran into some issues earlier this week which caused them to change the order of game modes around a little bit meaning that today ends the Armor Regen mode and starts Ultra Zones.


Ultra Zones is a game mode that focuses primarily on adding more high traffic areas. In Ultra Zones, there will be two more Hot Zones in the map at the start of the game. Hot Zones are areas marked blue on the map that have high tier loot up for grabs at the start of each match.

Additionally, Ultra Zones adds Flash Points to the Hot Zones. Flash Points are “glowing bubbles that replenish your HP and shields when you stand in them,” according to the official Apex Legends website.

These new additions should incentivize aggressive play at the start of the match making for players to be fully kitted out for the end game.

Apex Ultra Zones lasts until Monday, April 19 and will be replaced with the Auto Banners game mode.

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