Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event Brings Duos Back

Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event Brings Duos Back

Roses are red, survivors are few, come closer and you're dead.

Apex Legends is getting all romantic this month as Respawn Entertainment is bringing back duos mode today through to February 18. The event that’s bringing the mode back is titled Valentine’s Day Rendezvous and players that take part can grab themed items while they’re available.

The event kicks off by awarding players a Valentines 2020 badge by simply logging on. And while duos is only available for a limited time, squadding up with another player will allow you to earn double XP. The last time we saw duos arrive in Apex Legends was in November last year.

There are also themed items to purchase, those being 2 Pathfinder and Nessie gun charms. If that wasn’t enough, the event brings back last year’s “Through the Heart” DMR and “Love of the Game” banners at discount. These are available on different days, so here’s the plan.

February 11 – February 14

  • Love Struck Charm: 500 Apex Coins
  • Longbow “Through the Heart” weapon skin: 800 Apex Coins

February 15 – February 18

  • Lovefinder Charm: 700 Apex Coins
  • Love of the Game Pathfinder Banner Frame: 800 Apex Coins

If all of that wasn’t enough, you might have found yourself, like me, falling for the sarcastic, sadistic legend, Revenant, who joined the game through the Assimilation update last week. But if you want to make him look a bit more…romantic, from February 7 to March 19 you can grab a free Gilded Rose skin for him providing you’re signed up to Twitch Prime.

Apex Legends is available for free for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.