Apex Legends to Get Limited-Time Steam-Exclusive Charms This Fall

Apex Legends to Get Limited-Time Steam-Exclusive Charms This Fall

How charming.

We’re due to see a new legend enter the arena in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, and while we saw a cinematic trailer showing off the new legend, Rampart, we didn’t know much about their backstory until the new character trailer launched. But there’s also news on some exclusive charms coming to those who may be looking at jumping on the game later this year when it arrives on Steam.

Earlier this year during EA Play 2020, it was revealed that Apex Legends would be heading to Nintendo Switch this Fall, but also during that announcement it was said that it’ll be heading to Steam as well as a bunch of other EA titles. At the moment there is a store page for the game, but the release date is still to be announced.

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that players jumping into the game via Steam will be awarded some Steam-exclusive charms that have been created in collaboration with Valve. Player’s will be granted 3 charms with a Half-Life and Portal theme.

Specifically, there’s a charm of the Apex Legends character, Octane with a Headcrab on his head. There’s Wattson with a Companion Cube from Portal, and there’s GLaDOS decorated with the PotatOS exterior. These charms are going to be given to players for free for a limited time and simply requires the players to log in when the game becomes available on Steam to unlock them.

At current, there’s no specific release date for when Apex Legends is due to arrive on Steam expect the vague “Fall 2020” window. It is however currently available on PC, Xbox One, and a PS4 for free, and will also be heading to the Nintendo Switch sometime during the Pumpkin Spice Latte season.