Apex Legends Viper - What is Northstar and How Does it Connect to Titanfall?

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April 19, 2021

Respawn Entertainment gave us the next look at the future of Apex Legends today in “Stories from the Outlands – Northstar.” The video provided plenty of background on the new Apex Legend Valkyrie and her relationship to Viper from Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 is one of the best first-person shooters of the past decade. Many fans have been calling for a sequel and they might be getting one in the form of Apex Legends Season 9.

“Stories from the Outlands – Northstar” released today and connected many dots between Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 through the new playable character Valkyrie. At the center of it all is her father, Viper.


Here’s everything we know about Apex Season 9 and Viper.

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Apex Legends – Who is Viper?

Today’s “Stories from the Outlands” told us a lot about the shared Apex Legends and Titanfall universe. Valkyrie, Apex‘s newest playable Legend, is Viper’s daughter. Viper, is one of the main antagonists in Titanfall 2 and his story arch culminates in a titan boss fight between him and pilot Jack Cooper on the top of a moving space cruiser.

He’s one of the more memorable members of the Apex Predator group because his fight comes at a crucial moment and had been teased throughout the entire game.

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However, his role in “Stories from the Outlands” is a much less antagonistic one. He plays the caring father of Valkyrie who has taken the remains of his scrapped titan after his battle with Cooper in Titanfall 2 to create what looks like a tactical wingsuit. Throughout the video, he shows his caring side until he eventually has to leave Valkyrie and her mother to take place in the events of Titanfall 2.

The animation is given the subhead “Northstar” because Viper piloted a Northstar class titan used for flight and movement. The abilities of the Northstar class titan probably give us a look at what Valkyrie’s potential loadout will be once she enters Apex Legends for Season 9.

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