Apex Legends Voice Chat is Not Working As Reported by Players

Apex Legends Voice Chat is Not Working As Reported by Players

Apex Legends players are reporting serious voice chat issues, avoiding them from talking to other players.

As one of the most populated first-person Battle Royale games, Apex Legends is about to celebrate its second anniversary, but players are already facing a serious problem in the game. Accordingly, Apex Legends voice chat is not working properly.

Apex Legends voice chat is reportedly causing some troubles for players lately. While the official page of Apex Legends hasn’t reacted to the matter yet, but it seems more people are facing the same issue as the number of reports increases on the game’s communities on different websites. Probably a new hotfix should hit the game after today’s Anniversary Collection Event.

There’s a possibility that the voice chat problems might be triggered by the new event update, though the patch notes don’t point out any changes to the voice chat or related features of the game. The good news players have faced the same problem almost a year ago and it’s been fixed by providing different instructions to the user’s end. Currently, you can pay a visit to the game’s community on EA’s forum for both Xbox, PC, and other consoles to see what manual fixes are available for tackling the issue.

Apex Legends is now hosting the Anniversary Event Collection which is a limited-time event celebrating the game’s second launch anniversary. Aside from dozens of fan-favorite skins and cosmetics available during the event, Respawn Entertainment has also brought back the Locked and Loaded game mode for the anniversary once again. The mode is a fast-paced version of the core mode in which players drop onto the map with shields, weapons, and some other items. The event will be available until February 23.

Apex Legends is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game is suppose to be available on Nintendo Switch across the world later today.