Apex Legends - Where Did Crafting Go? Devs Respond

Apex Legends has 'flatlined' crafting for the time being.

UPDATE: Respawn announced on Twitter that they’ve fixed the exploit and have turned crafting back on. You can find their update tweet right here. Original story below:

February and March have been good months for fans of Apex Legends. Between the start of Season 8, the Chaos Theory Collection Event, and the Switch port of the game it’s hard to ask for more…except for crafting. Where did it go? Wasn’t it here a second ago?

Despite exciting new gameplay features and changes to the game’s meta, the Chaos Theory Collection Event seems to have broken a few of Apex Legends‘ systems.

It feels like every few days we’re hearing about new glitches and issues that the mid-season update has brought.

Today, crafting was removed from the game entirely. Here’s why there’s no more Apex crafting for the time being.

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Why Has Crafting Been Removed from Apex Legends?

If you’ve been following the technical issues that Apex Legends has had since the start of the Chaos Theory Collection Event, you might know that there’s been an exploit that people have used to crash entire servers of the game (you can find our full coverage of that right here.) Today, the developers over at Respawn Entertainment figured out that it was due to some issues with the in-game crafting system. As a result, they’ve pulled any and all crafting out of the game for the time being.

This means that there are no more replicators throughout the map or replicator resources. Respawn said today in a tweet that they will “turn crafting back on after we’re able to finish testing our planned fix.” It’s unclear how long they’ll be gone, but it seems like the team is confident that they’ll get Apex crafting back and running smoothly soon.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as replicators return to King’s Canyon.

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Chaos Theory Collection Event

The newest Apex Legends event kicked off at the beginning of the month and has changed up the game in some pretty meaningful ways. You can find our coverage of the playlist additions right here and our coverage of all Legend changes here.

For any and all Apex Legends coverage, make sure you stick right here with DualShockers.

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