Apex Legends Wraith Enters the Void to New Dimensions in This Epic Nail Fan Art

Apex Legends Wraith Enters the Void to New Dimensions in This Epic Nail Fan Art

Wraith is known for not staying too long in one place, but as we can see from this awesome nail fan art - I think she may have found her new home.

I think it’s safe to assume that most gamers have tried their hand at Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends with some loving it and others not quite getting to grips with the newest kid in the battle royale playgrounds. Either way, there’s no denying that the characters in this title are pretty unique and they don’t come any more distinctive than Wraith.

For those who aren’t sure who Wraith is and have yet to dive into the latest game that everyone seems to be playing, Wraith can manipulate spacetime by opening rifts throughout the gameplay that transports her through a void – especially helpful while under attack. She can also hear voices that warn her of danger or if someone is aiming at her.

She definitely is an extremely valuable team member to have on your side, so much so that one fan who goes by the name of nagelfuchs on Reddit or Sarah everywhere else, has encapsulated Wraith and transported her to a new home within her grasp as she creates some epic artwork of the legend herself. Like some women, Sarah enjoys nothing more than getting her nails done, but instead of the usual paint and polish, she has opted for a very different style.

I painted Wraith on my nails. from r/apexlegends

Using her real nails, this detailed image of Wraith is hand-drawn on using acrylic paint and a very steady hand. In the background, you will notice the purple hue that’s reminiscent of the bright amethyst trail that Wraith leaves in her path. Although I’m entirely unsure how Sarah got Wraith’s facial features so comprehensive and detailed – she really has literally nailed so many aspects of this whirlwind fighter into such a small area.

If you’ve never tried it, let me tell you that even painting your nails normally is a task in itself, but the fact that she managed to incorporate an image flawlessly like this takes an enormous amount of skill and patience.

If you enjoy this type of art, you may also appreciate Sarah’s other artistic nail adventures that include Jirachi from Pokemon, Mercy from Overwatch, Mew from Pokemon, and an amazing artwork of Ashe from Overwatch too.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter and keep up to date on her latest nail art endeavors.

Apex Legends is available to play for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One