Apex Rathalos to Join Monster Hunter Rise - What is This Fearsome Monster?

Hunters beware.

Monster Hunter Fans all around the world are rejoicing as the latest title in the series, the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise has released on the Nintendo Switch.

After its announcement last year, hunters can now join up and take down giant ferocious monsters.

Anybody who has played the series for a while will be used to Capcom adding a variety of new monsters to the game after release. Thankfully, Monster Hunter Rise looks no different.

As part of the game’s launch trailer, Capcom has confirmed that the Apex Rathalos will be returning to the game. Here’s what we know about this giant monster.

What is the Apex Rathalos in Monster Hunter Rise?

Well, to start – let’s first take a look at the Rathalos.

Rathalos are huge flying wyvern and are one of the most instantly recognisable, and most feared, monsters in the series.

They are hyper-aggressive, super territorial and are always up for a fight. They hunt from the sky, chasing down prey, using fearsome aerial attacks.

The Apex Rathalos is even more fierce. After being infected by and then overcoming the frenzy virus, the Rathalos enters an Apex State.

This state causes the monster to become even more powerful, aggressive, ruthless and durable.

It’s definitely likely the Apex Rathalos will be one of the biggest Monster Hunter Rise challenges at this early point in the game.

When will the Apex Rathalos be hitting the game?

Fans won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the first Monster Hunter Rise update.

Capcom has recently confirmed that Title Update One will be hitting the game at the end of April, bringing with it the Apex Rathalos, Chamelos and “several other new monsters.”

What will follow this update?

Capcom has already started to detail third title update.

Although currently the date is “TBD”, they have shared that it will add even more new monsters and a different ending to the game.

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