Aphelios is the Newest Champion Slated to Join League of Legends

Aphelios is the 147th champion joining League of Legends and serves as a new marksman in the game.

The ninth season of ranked play may have just ended for League of Legends yesterday, but updates for the game aren’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, as of today, we now know who the game’s 147th champion will seemingly be.

Over on the official League of Legends website this morning, Riot Games added a new lore or story page for the character Aphelios. Hailing from Targon, the same region in which other champions such as Leona, Pantheon, and Diana come from, Aphelios’ backstory is one of tragedy. His character is aided by the spirit of his twin sister, Alune, who is gifted with magical abilities. Alune can also see through the eyes of Aphelios and cast her magic through him, essentially making this champion a two-in-one character.

While we still haven’t seen Aphelios in action via gameplay, it seems almost guaranteed that he’ll be a bottom lane champion of some sort. Apehlios is defined as a marksman on his official webpage and will likely signal the first ADC role character that League of Legends has seen since the launch of Kai’Sa. Once again, junglers have been left out in the cold, begging for a new champion.

Riot will likely begin talking a whole lot more about Aphelios in the coming weeks. With the League of Legends All-Star 2019 event taking place in early December, this seems like the place in which we could start to see more of Aphelios, but that’s just conjecture on my part.

As for a potential release date, it’s still too early to know for certain when Aphelios might be joining League of Legends formally. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we’ll surely start to hear and see more of this intriguing character.

Logan Moore

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