Aporia: Beyond the Valley Releases on PC with a New, Stylish Launch Trailer

Aporia: Beyond the Valley Releases on PC with a New, Stylish Launch Trailer

Green Man Gaming Publishing and Investigate North's Aporia: Beyond the Valley releases on PC with a 10% off promotion.

Green Man Gaming Publishing and developer Investigate North’s first-person puzzle adventure title Aporia: Beyond the Valley has officially released on PC. To accompany the release, the publishing and development teams have released a launch trailer, detailing the just a few of the beautiful sights to be found in this mystical world.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley places the player in a world deserted by its civilization. As you explore and decipher the world’s bizarre architecture and deep puzzles, its secrets will unfold and your character’s true identity will reveal itself. Recently, the team behind the game released a trailer, going into detail what players can expect from Aporia‘s plot.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley features a unique way of storytelling that is absent of dialogue or text. It offers a variety of puzzles, as well as detailed environments that will reward the careful observer with fragments of truth to this world’s greatest mysteries.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley is now available on Steam for $15.29, 10% off the game’s set price as part of an early adoption special promotion. This promotion will end on July 26.

For more information on Aporia: Beyond the Valley, check out the publisher’s official website. You can see the official launch trailer below.