Aporia: Beyond the Valley Shows off Story Trailer a Week before Launch on PC

Aporia: Beyond the Valley Shows off Story Trailer a Week before Launch on PC

Green Man Gaming Publishing and Investigate North sent out a press release and a story teaser for Aporia: Beyond the Valley, which releases in a week.

Green Man Gaming Publishing sent out a press release today reminding us that Aporia: Beyond the Valley is coming out quite soon. A week from now, July 19th, the first person puzzler will launch on Steam, Green Man Gaming, and the Humble Bundle Store for $16.99 USD. There’s an additional 15% preorder bonus for all platforms. Along with the PR, a story teaser was also released on the publishers YouTube channel.

The trailer contains a lot of common elements: skeletons, a fantasy world devoid of life, mystical visuals, and most interestingly moving wall frescoes that seem to tell the tale of Aporia. More specifically, these movie paintings and scenes showing ghosts of the past living out their lives, will convey the narrative of the game. And to throw a wrench into everything, these moments will be presented out of order with the player finding them scattered about in a near open world setting.

The basic premise is that the world of Ez’rat Qin was been in disarray for centuries. It use to house a great civilization that was lost with time. The player wakes up alone and with amnesia and they must piece together the mystery of their past and the past of their world. Of course this is done by solving puzzles and exploring the dark and foreboding beauty of empty swamps and mystical ruins.

The press release lists these following features as well:

  • n immersive, detailed world created in CryEngine
  • Explore a story about humanity, technology and civilization told without text or dialogue. Uncover clues, devise theories, and make up your own mind.
  • Avoid traps and solve brain twisting puzzles made to make you question what happened in The Valley.
  • Explore bizarre architecture and overgrown nature, choosing your own path in the game’s non-linear world.
  • Completely original musical score.

The teaser trailer for the story of Aporia is available below. Will you be picking up this title or leaving it to be forgotten among the sands of time?