10 Video Game Characters Who Definitely Own Apple AirPods

Here is a satirical list of 10 video game characters who are definitely entitled and smug enough to own a pair of Apple AirPods.

December 28, 2018

Apple AirPods were the hottest gift for the holidays in 2018. It’s Apple’s latest device that tells others “I’m cool too, ya know.” With this holiday season ushering in a whole new wave of AirPod users (who instantly become richer and more attractive upon inserting said Airpods), I’ve unwillingly compiled this list of video game characters who are definitely entitled, smug enough, and clearly more likable now that they own a pair of those tiny, overpriced wireless buds.


This British lass likes to get cocky while zipping around her enemies, then lobbing a bomb while going into “It’s Rewind Time” mode. Yeah, she definitely owns a pair of AirPods.

Dutch van der Linde

Dutch van der Linde is a guy who always seems to have money, but keeps asking other people to get him more instead of doing it himself. he loves to close deals, loves money and makes false promises. All traits of an AirPod user. Dutch loves his AirPods.


This little twerp doesn’t even have ears from the looks of it, but he doesn’t care — his net worth is too high for that thanks to all the tax fraud.

Crash Bandicoot

Every time Dr. Neo Cortex makes a grand monologue, Bandicoot clearly isn’t listening — his Apple Music playlists are too fire.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Nathan Drake

Just look at Nathan Drake. He looks like the type of guy you ride next to on the subway, who watches Barstool Sports memes during his entire commute to work. He obviously owns AirPods.

Aiden Pearce

This guy loves technology so much that he definitely misses all the birthday parties because he camps when new Apple products release. He’s also about as emotionless as an actual AirPod user. His Apple Music playlist must have Enya in it.

Agent 47

Agent 47 always wants to be someone he isn’t, and he loves to play dress-up because of it. He’s definitely insecure, and definitely owns a pair of those sweet sweet AirPods.


“Get dunked on”? Really? That’s something an Apple user would say when they argue their superiority over Android.


Bowser definitely bought Apple AirPods with his unexplained wealth. He also flexes on anyone who isn’t interested in him; a common trait among the Apple faithful.


F**k you, Tails.

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