Apple App Store Hacked Within Hours

on January 7, 2011 10:30 AM

Apple App Store Hacked Within Hours

Yesterday, Apple released a new App Store that does exactly what it sounds like; emulating the same store for the iPhone devices but for your computer. With access to paid and free apps, it’s an interesting idea if nothing else. Just hours after the service was released, it would appear it’s been hacked already. In an interesting turn of events, the ┬áteam who hacked the service hasn’t released the exploit to the public at this time.

“We don’t want to release [the software] as soon as the Store gets released. I have a few reasons for that,” the man behind the exploit wrote.
“Most of the applications that go on the Mac App Store will be decent, they’ll be pretty good. Apple isn’t going to put crap on the App Store as soon as it gets released. It’ll probably take months for the App Store to actually have a bunch of crappy applications and when we feel that it has a lot of crap in it, we’ll probably release [the software].

“So we’re not going to release [the software] until well after the store’s been established, well after developers have gotten their applications up. We don’t want to devalue applications and frustrate developers.”

That almost sounds like a threat or a promise to me… “Don’t flood it with crappy apps, or we’ll send the key out.”

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