Apple Attempts to Cut Epic Games Off from iOS and Mac Development Tools

Apple Attempts to Cut Epic Games Off from iOS and Mac Development Tools

After the recent controversy between Epic Games and Apple over Fortnite's new payment system, now it seems Apple considers to terminate all Epic developer accounts.

After nearly a week since the time Apple removed Fortnite from its official store on iOS devices, now it seems more Epic Games-related accounts will be banned in the next few weeks.

Today, Epic Games revealed via its official Twitter account that Apple has warned the company that it will terminate all the Epic-related developer accounts from its services as of August 28. In other words, Apple is attempting to avoid Epic Games from reaching all iOS and Mac development kits.

Its yet to be seen how the battle between the two giants will go on in the court, but thus far, it’s been a win for Apple as it has removed Fortnite from App Store and is now taking more aggressive actions against its developer and publisher, Epic Games.

For now, Epic Games has lost two of its biggest markets on mobile phones with both Apple and Google removing the game from their dedicated stores. That said, the Android users can still download and play Fortnite on their devices through the Epic Games website, but for the iOS owners there would be no way to update the game or reinstall it, until the court ends this controversy.

In case you missed the original story, Epic Games attempted to provide a new payment system for its in-game purchases on iOS and Android devices, which allowed players to buy everything in the game with 20% discount, but all the money was directly transacting to the Epic Games pocket with no shares dedicated to Apple or Google, which was completely against the rules of App Store and Google Play markets.

Hours after running the new payment system on the game, Apple and Google both removed Fortnite from their dedicated stores, referring to it as a violation against the markets’ rules, which have already been accepted by Epic Games.