Apple Reveals New Apple TV with Integration for Gaming, New Remote Control, and More

Apple Reveals New Apple TV with Integration for Gaming, New Remote Control, and More

As mobile gaming has grown bigger and bigger, pioneers in publishing and selling mobile titles like Amazon and Google have been looking to bring that experience into the living room, with Apple primed to do the same with the latest version of its Apple TV device.

During its latest Special Event today in San Francisco, Apple revealed a new version of its Apple TV multimedia device that can access movies, TV, music, and more, but this time around will also be integrating gaming and allow users to play their iOS games on the big screen.

The latest version of Apple TV will release in late October 2015 in two configurations of 32GB ($149.99) and 64GB ($199.99), with the new device to feature a 64-bit A8 chip, IR receiver, 802.11ac Wi-Fi access (with MIMO), and integration with Bluetooth 4.0.

One of the big new features along with the new Apple TV is its remote, which has had a total makeover compared to previous iterations to allow for easier gaming compatibility. Similar to the original Wii Remote, the controller can be used normally to control the Apple TV, while flipping it sideways turns it into a game controller, while also incorporating a touch surface, and an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion controls.

In addition to the reveal of the new Apple TV, the company also showed several titles that will be coming to the Apple TV on stage including some upcoming console titles, with Disney Infinity 3.0 and Guitar Hero Live both being shown as coming to the Apple TV, along with previous iOS releases like Rayman Adventures and Transistor.

Apple TV’s latest model will release in October 2015.