Apple to Make Comics Out of Your Games?

Apple to Make Comics Out of Your Games?


When it comes to the technology industry, one name that stands out above the rest whether you like it or not, is Apple. With its products pretty much everywhere on the streets, it’s safe to say that a good chunk of the demographic plays games at least casually. This is allowing Apple to experiment a bit in the gaming industry, and with a new patent for a product that will turn your games into comics, it seems like Apple might be onto something.

The patent in question is for a product that would watch and document what people do in the games they play, and then create a comic book off of what they did. It simply takes screen shots of everyone and everything that players encounter in their games and then creates dialogue , thus making a comic book! What makes this even more interesting is the fact that the comic books can then be made into E-books, or they can just be printed and sent by mail.

Here’s a breakdown of how it would work:


After thinking about this for a bit, I personally think something like this would be pretty cool. I would definitely use something like this for games like Fable 3, but then again, who knows if this will work for consoles or just be for Apple products.