AquaPazza Gets Six New Partners From Three Different Games

AquaPazza Gets Six New Partners From Three Different Games

In AquaPazza‘s recent trailer, gamers got to meet the characters of Utawarerumono (take a breath) who would be jumping into the upcoming fighter. Now the game has six new characters, from three different games, joining the cast of AquaPazza, all of which you can view below, along with their bios.

Atlus’ AquaPazza is set to release to the PS3 exclusively on November 19th. For more on the game, check out all of DualShockers’ AquaPazza news.

AquaPazza - Satsuki_Yuasa

Name: Satsuki Yuasa

Game: RoutesPE

Weapon: Gun

Background: Though she attends school by day, at night she dashes through the city with her trustworthy gun, “Chii-chan,” in search of a treasured sword that had been stolen from her family shrine in Kumano. Her cooking skills are so good that they exceed those of professional chefs.

AquaPazza - Mizuki_Takase

Name: Mizuki Takase

Game: Comic Party

Weapon:  Hand-to-hand

Background: She wanted to be an ordinary college student, but unfortunately, her friends became involved in the otaku culture of doujinshi, a culture she despised.  At first, she didn’t understand the doujin world, but eventually grows to enjoy it. She is also very athletic and excels at tennis.

AquaPazza - Yu_Inagawa

Name: Yu Inagawa

Game: Comic Party

Weapon: Paper fan

Background: Yu is a doujin manga artist who has some fame in the Kansai region of Japan. She traveled to the Comic Party convention in Tokyo in order to spread her name around other regions. Though she sometimes loses track of things when engrossed in drawing and selling her doujin work, she has a caring disposition and a lighthearted personality.

AquaPazza - Rathty

Name: Rathty

Game: Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth

Weapon: Giant hammer

Background: A timid fairy who is one of Arawn’s wives and comes from a tribe with a great history. Though she excels at forging and owns her own weapon shop, she prefers forging dinner knives and plates rather than weapons. You can always rely on her because she wields her trustworthy giant hammer to great effect!

AquaPazza - Octavia

Name: Octavia

Game: Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth

Weapon: Sword

Background: She is an Imperial warrior and one of Morgan’s best friends. As a member of a noble family with a long legacy as Imperial Knights, she is calm and collected in battle, but completely lacks common sense.  In Tears to Tiara, she had been enemies with Arawn, but in a wacky turn of events, she became another of his wives!

AquaPazza - Llyr

Name: Llyr

Game: Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth

Weapon: Trident and ice magic

Background: Llyr (pronounced “seal,” from Welsh), is a seal fairy. Her incredibly poor luck has shaped her into quite a pessimist, and she never ceases to make mistakes, making her feel even worse. For example, her encounter with Riannon and Arawn was extremely unlucky because they unknowingly burned her “seal skin.” Of course, according to the traditions of the seal fairies, this meant that Llyr had to marry Arawn and become one of his wives…