Aquaplus Reconfirms New Utawarerumono Console Games are in Development

Aquaplus is developing multiple new Utawarerumono console games and the Steam ports of the previous games are here to make us wait for them patiently.

Our peers at Dengeki Online published an interview with Aquaplus following the announcement of the second and third Utawarerumono games’ Steam ports,  Mask of Deception, and Mask of Truth. The end of the interview has Aquaplus mentioning multiple new Utawarerumono console games are in development: “We’re working on multiple console games. We hope you’ll play these Steam ports as you wait for future announcements”.  Note that while we say console game, it’s in opposition to mobile game, so these upcoming games could release on both consoles and PC. Shoutout to Renka_Schedule for pointing out that part of the interview.

This isn’t the first time Aquaplus mentioned multiple Utawarerumono games are coming. The studio already said so in an interview before the Japanese release of Utawarerumono Zan in September 2018, meaning these games have been in development for a while now. What’s even more interesting is how Utawareromono Lost Flag, a mobile game, released since then in Japan on November 26, 2019. Aquaplus again mentioned back then that while it cannot ignore the mobile market, console games are still coming. For now, Lost Flag reached over 2 million downloads in Japan.

Regarding these new console games, I personally believe at least one of these games will be a visual novel with tactical RPG elements like classic Utawarerumono games, and one of the others will be exploring a new gameplay system like action RPG Utawarerumono Zan does.

The remake of the first game in the trilogy, Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen is also coming to Steam in English this year.

The first Utawarerumono game released on PC in Japan in 2002. The game is heavily influenced by Ainu culture and features a country based on feudal Japan inhabited by humans with animalistic features. While it sadly never became as big as Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night, the Utawarerumono franchise is pretty popular overall, with multiple anime adaptations.

Iyane Agossah

Living near Paris, Iyane is the head of Japanese content at DualShockers. You can reach him on Twitter at @A_iyane07

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