PS3 Exclusive Ar Nosurge Gets More Info and Plenty of Screenshots

PS3 Exclusive Ar Nosurge Gets More Info and Plenty of Screenshots

Ar Nosurge, the PS3 exclusive JRPG from Gust, received more screenshots and information on the game’s world, as well as combat and character designs.

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The bustling city of Ferion was once a collection of cold sleep pod housing camps (yep you read that right) until the reigning Sky princess awoke from her thousand year long sleep to find that a large barrier blocked the entrance to Ferion and people were living outside of it.

Ferion has a plaza called Celes Garden which serves as a place for recreation and relaxation, and is lined with many street vendors. Currently there are many people living in Ferion with few institutions that cater to them, however the city operates with little issue mainly because of the earnest and united nature of the inhabitants.

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There is an elite organization called PLASMA, which reports directly to the princess. Most of them are made up of the “Ancient species,” people who first landed on the planet first in cold sleep pods. Their job is to protect the Ferion by battling the Char outside of the city wall. Damage from the battles is kept to a minimum due to their success. In addition, there are women within PLASMA that manipulate Song Magic. Two men from the special team called “Jenomes” protect the women within PLASMA.

The battle system is called the Tactical Action Battle and the stars of this show are the female and male protagonists. The female uses different kinds of Verse magic while the male uses physical attacks. A third character (who doesn’t participate in combat normally) will chant Song Magic throughout the battle and the player can activate it once they meet certain conditions.

The heroes can also use powerful skills and items; during the enemy phase they can defend themselves and reduce the damage taken. Song Magic can be used once the Harmonics level is high enough–this is accomplished by the use of attacks and skills during battle.

Ar Nosurge (16)Magic that embodies the power of thought is called Verse magic. The stronger the thoughts of the caster, the stronger the spell. Because of its flexibility, Verse magic can be used outside of battle, such as for healing. However, the amount of humans that can use this kind of magic is incredibly small.

One character that has been introduced is Casty Rianoito, who is a master of Verse magic. She is part of the special team Jenomes and is the only human in PLASMA. She does not have a partner as of now. Another character is Ion, who is a girl who is said to “know the physical world.” Her actual name is Ionasal Kukululu Pulicher. Ion makes seedy tools and machinery.

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