Aragami Surpasses 100,000 Copies Sold on Steam; Level Editor Added

Aragami Surpasses 100,000 Copies Sold on Steam; Level Editor Added

Today, Barcelona-based independent developer Lince Works announced that its third-person stealth game, Aragami, has surpassed 100,000 copies sold on Steam. Additionally, the developer announced that a Level Editor and Steam Workshop support has added.

The 100,000 plus copies only includes the game’s sales on Steam, and notably doesn’t include its PS4 sales. The news came from the following tweet by Lince Works Founder David Leon:

For those that don’t know, Aragami released back in October of 2016 for PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux. Here’s an overview of the game, courtesy of its Steam page:

You are Aragami, a vengeful spirit with the power to control the shadows. You’ve been summoned by Yamiko, a girl imprisoned in the city fortress of Kyuryu. Embark on a dark journey full of blood and secrets to discover the truth about aragami. Infiltrate the occupied city of Kyuryu with your supernatural powers and fight Light with Shadow. Uncover a story about twin souls bound together by destiny that surpasses time and memory.

Key Features:

    Create your own shadows to become invisible. Teleport from shadow to shadow while you hunt down your targets. Use a wide array of Shadow Powers to creatively dispatch your enemies.
    Multiple paths to beat each scenario and approach every situation. Play as a merciless emissary of death or an undetectable ghost. Your story, your choices.
    Fight Kaiho, the army of Light, and rescue Yamiko – the mysterious girl that summoned you and that is the key to your existence.

As mentioned above, the game’s Level Editor is also now live. Lince Works writes the following about the Level Editor:

A Level Editor for a stealth game is a feature we’ve always dreamed about since playing the Tenchu 2 level editor in the 90s, so when we started working on Aragami, developing a level editor was a decision we were glad to make. It took us around 2 years to finally ship it, and after a few weeks of closed beta with some superb users we can make it public and share it with all players.

The Level Editor, which is free, features the following:

  • Design your own levels. Upload them to Steam Workshop. Share them with thousands of Aragami players.
  • Download hundreds of new levels and missions for Aragami.
  • Multiplayer support! Play any level with online multiplayer!
  • Hundreds of props to desing your own scenario.
  • Place and design your own enemy patrols.
  • 3 main objectives: Infiltration, Heist and Target Hunt.
  • 1 new enemy type: The V.I.P.! Hunt him down in Target Hunt.
  • 3 different locations: Graveyard, Forest and City.
  • 3 level sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Different level variants: Pacifist, No Alerts and Time Limit.

Additionally, Steam Workshop Support is now also live.

Aragami is available for PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux for $19.99 USD.