Sony’s Arc The Lad R Gets First Screenshots; Reveals Beloved Characters and More

Sony’s Arc The Lad R Gets First Screenshots; Reveals Beloved Characters and More

Many beloved characters from the Arc The Lad series will return in the new game Arc The Lad R for iOS and Android by Sony's mobile arm ForwardWorks.

Following today’s reveal of the new mobile JRPG Arc The Lad R, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mobile arm ForwardWorks published the first screenshots and artwork of the game.

First of all, we get to see the artwork for the two new heroes Haruto and Mizuha, alongside quite a few returning characters from the series: Tosh, Poco, Iga, Elc, Lieza, Shante, Sania, and Diekbek. More appear in the screenshots, like Chongara.

The images also show the event cutscenes, quests and battle, dungeons, the Hunter’s Guild, and character progression.

Since this is a gacha game, it’s unsurprising that characters will come with the usual star rating. Each character has his or her own skill that can be used by spending MP accumulated in differernt ways during combat depending on a character’s role.

There are also passive skills that affect all allies or enemies within range, and auto skills that are used without consuming any MP.

If you’re wondering, the “R” in the title means “Reborn” and “Reboot,” alongside a third keyword related to the story that players will understand once they get their hands on the game.

You can check out the gallery below, and see if it helps you get over the fact that the game isn’t on consoles. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the first trailers and a series of artwork pieces showcasing the familiar world of the game.

Arc The Lad R will release in Japan this year for iOS and Android. There is no info on a possible western launch.