PS4 Exclusive Arc Of Alchemist Gets New Trailer Explaining Battle System

Compile Heart shared a new trailer for its upcoming PS4 exclusive JRPG, Arc Of Alchemist, explaining the game's action battle system.

on September 25, 2018 6:35 AM

Compile Heart released a new trailer for its upcoming PS4 game with Yoshitaka Amano art, Arc of Alchemist, latest in its Galapagos RPG brand.

The game seamlessly transitions into battle when encountering enemies. Controlling the main character Quin, you must use the powers of the Luna Gear, which we explained before, to defeat the monsters. Each monster is weak to a certain element and using the right one at the right time will turn the battle in your favor. You can also mix up to two elements together to use more powerful attacks. The two other party members are controlled by the AI and it’s possible to configure their behavior.

You can watch the new trailer below. You can also check out the previous trailer focusing on the game’s world.

Arc of Alchemist will release for PS4 in Japan on November 29th. No western release has been announced, but almost every Compile Heart game gets translated nowadays, so it probably will come over.

Iyane Agossah is a writer at DualShockers living near Paris. He loves everything related to Japan, especially giant robots. He hopes for Sega to release a new Segagaga game by 2025.