Compile Heart's PS4 Exclusive Arc of Alchemist is Coming West Next Summer

Arc of Alchemist will be gracing PS4 in the west next Summer following its Japanese release in February 2019.

Rounding out Idea Factory’s plethora of announcements tonight is the confirmation of a western release for Compile Heart’s Arc of Alchemist. When the latest title of the Galapagos RPG brand comes west it will be exclusive to PS4, just like Death end re;Quest and Dragon Star Varnir. Arc of Alchemist is currently poised to launch sometime next Summer.

This news actually follows the delay of the Japanese release. The title was originally supposed to launch there later this month but was pushed back until February 7, 2019. For those of you unacquainted with the game’s premise, Arc of Alchemist focuses on Quinn Bravesford, a warrior chosen to venture into the Desert of Beginnings in order to find the four orbs that can save humanity when placed into an alchemic device called the Lunagear.

Just like the rest of Idea Factory’s current lineup, the western release of Arc of Alchemist will support both English and Japanese voiceovers. When it comes to gameplay, elemental abilities follow a fairly standard JRPG lineup of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth in tandem with the aforementioned orbs. Arc of Alchemist also features base building mechanics, which see players decking out their base with facilities that can be used to upgrade party members.

Considering the Galapagos brand technically contains “RPGs created for Japan-specific customers,” it’s nice to see that Idea Factory and Compile Heart still see the potential for titles like this in the west. You can watch the first English trailer and see some new screenshots for the game below. Arc of Alchemist releases in Japan on February 7, with a western release to now follow in Summer 2019.

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