Arc System Works Newest PS Vita Exclusive Tsukie Gakuen -Kou- Detailed with Screenshots and More

Arc System Works Newest PS Vita Exclusive Tsukie Gakuen -Kou- Detailed with Screenshots and More

Today Arc System Works released a large batch of information on its upcoming PS Vita exclusive Tsukie Gakuen -Kou- that will hit the shelves in Japan on October the 10th.

The game is a school romance visual novel based on a light novel written by Ragna the Bloodedge’s voice actor Tomokazu Sugita and was briefly introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2012.

The story is quite interesting. A high school student named Hiroshi Toyama transfers to Tsukie Gakuen, but is suddenly attacked by a monster named Hazard.  As he’s about to die, another student, Eri Mitsuki, rescues him, and then…kills him.

Strangely enough Hiroshi wakes up in his bed the day after, but it’s not really the day after, because as he sees the calendar he notices that the date indicated on it is actually the day before.

Intrigued already?


Alongside the introduction we also get to learn about the main cast:

Hiroshi Toyama is the protagonist, and returns to Mono City to protect his grandparents from his parents. He discovers that the student council of Tsukie Gakuen is actually an organization to fight the monsters named Hazard, and is forced to join it after being attacked.

Eri Mizuki is the main heroine of the game. She comes from a prestigious family and joined the student council to follow her brother. She’s extremely good at fighting, but she’s surprisingly clumsy in every day situations.

Taiga Mizuki is Eri’s brother and the president of the student council. He’s impeccable in both sports and academics, but keeps others at a distance. He opens up a little only in front of his sister.

Satsuki Aso is Eri’s bespectacled best friend. Cheerful and bright, she’s heavily myopic, at least physically. She actually has a special vision ability and acts as the operator of the student council. Her fighting ability is zero.

Ritsu Shigiyo she’s Hiroshi’s class’ representative. A mood maker, she hates when someone mentions the fact that she’s short. She swings an enormous mace named Sacred Hammer in combat situations.


Mei Aso  is Satsuki’s sister, but they don’t have a good relationship. She’s a cool beauty, and basically the opposite of her sister. As a student council officer she’s very strict with everyone, and especially with Satsuki, towards whom she’s outright hostile and harsh.

Tsuyoshi Futamura is a sophomore at Tsukie Gakuen and a member of the student council. He doesn’t talk and normally says only “Boo” (maybe he’s related to Baldur’s Gate‘s Minsc?). He has the ability to manipulate the cells of his body, hardening his skin and regenerating wounds.

Lulu Ajiki is a mysterious girl defined (I quote) “as dumb as a bag of hammers”. After a certain event she comes to talk to Hiroshi. Her favorute food is ramen with soy sauce at the school cafeteria.

In the gallery below we get to see a batch of screenshots, artwork for every character mentioned above, the box artwork of the standard and special editions and the contents of the latter.