Arcade Co-op Beat’em up Samurai Riot Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Arcade Co-op Beat’em up Samurai Riot Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Samurai Riot is bringing co-op arcade beat'em up gameplay, within a beautifully hand-drawn 2D universe steeped in Japanese mythology, next week to PC.

Today, French independent studio Wako Factory announced that its debut game, the arcade co-op beat’em up Samurai Riot, is poised to release next week on September 13 for PC. To celebrate this announcement, the developer has also released a brand-new story trailer.

For those that don’t know: Samurai Riot is a 2D side-scrolling, beat’em up that is inspired by 90’s classics, and that features co-op gameplay and a multi-branching, moral decision making, storyline that leads to one of eight different endings. Meanwhile, the game’s aesthetics consist of a gorgeous hand-painted 2D universe immersed in Japanese mythology.

You play as Sukane, an enigmatic Ninja who fights alongside Azu, a fox who can transform into weapons, or Tsurumarua a loyal samurai with a katana and a plethora of grenades. Your task from your master is to stop the turmoil of civil war between tradition and modernity, and to resolve the unstable political situation, as well as discover the true meaning of honor as a samurai along the way. Would you rather kill the rebel leader or betray your master and join the revolution?

As for the game’s combat, it is said players will develop their own way of playing, mixing different ways of fighting: be it punch, kick, grab, throw, poisons, bombs, etc. Any combination of these will suffice against the game’s enemies and bosses that include massive Sumo wrestlers, trigger-happy ninja, mythological Yokais, and more.

Samurai Riot will cost $14.99 USD when it launches. Below, you can check out the new aforementioned story trailer: