Arcade Edition Not the Definite End to the Street Fighter IV Series

on July 13, 2011 8:00 PM

Capcom’s behavior with the Street Fighter IV moniker hasn’t been shocking to longtime fans of the series. The numerous re-releases are reminiscent of the multiple Street Fighter II and III games released long ago (SFIII actually has an upcoming re-release). Senior vice president of Capcom Christian Svensson has expressed that the recently released Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition may not be the end to the Street Fighter IV series. When asked if AE would be the last update, he responded:

According to plan it was supposed to be. I won’t say that it won’t be. I will say that we’ve had conversations about what could happen next. We’ve been talking since E3 and we might have something in store in the future, we’ll see.

A new update would bring the total to four different games, which would be fairly ridiculous. I don’t think I know a fighting game fan who would essentially complain about more Street Fighter IV, but the problem is the continued purchasing. Someone who’s purchased SFIV, SSFIV and SSFIV:AE at their respective launches has already spent more than one hundred dollars. We’ll have to play the waiting game to find out, and I don’t mind. I haven’t even bought AE yet because I was wary of this possibility, and that’s a shame.


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