Arcade Shooter Tango Fiesta Releases on Xbox One and PS4 Today

Tango Fiesta lets you relive the glory days of 80's era-inspired shooters.

Merge Games and Spilt Milk studios are bringing back that old school feeling with their arcade-style shooter Tango Fiesta. It releases today on both Xbox One and PS4 with bullets aplenty. Both studios had announced the game previously just without any date or price, so today’s announcement came as bit of a sneak attack.

Tango Fiesta sees its action hero protagonist John Strong take out everything from aliens to terrorists. It’s a top down arcade shooter that utilizes the same type of setup as that of NES classics Smash TV and Ikari Warriors. You can play solo or up to 4-player co-op through procedurally generated levels, ensuring that no experience or play through is ever the same. Online multiplayer is also available, but it is co-op with all players working together to take down the evil boss Gordon, Strong’s main nemesis. Doing so won’t be easy, but the deep assortment of weapons at Strong’s disposal will at least make the journey a bit of fun.

Unlike other top-down shooters where you simply make your way through a level by wiping out waves of enemies, Tango Fiesta uses multiple different objectives in each level. Of course, being an 80’s inspired shooter based on action heroes, Tango Fiesta is full of humorous “heroism, explosions and homo-erotic subtext”. Granted, this is probably a given based on the premise of the game, but the gritty announcer’s voice in the official trailer makes it a bit funny.

Tango Fiesta is a digital only title, and is available now on both Xbox One and PS4 for a price of $9.99, €9.99 and £7.99 in your respective marketplace. Xbox One players only will see a 15% launch discount for a final price of $8.49 temporarily.

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