Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SixStarS!!!!!! Launches KickStarter for Western Steam Port

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SixStarS!!!!!! Launches KickStarter for Western Steam Port

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SixStarS!!!!!! has received a KickStarter to be localized in the west for PC-via Steam, from developer Examu.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SixStarS!!!!!! is the newest entry of the Acana Heart series of 2D fighting games. The series first began in 2004, with Arcana Heart, which led to many other sequels that build upon the unique “Arcana Selection” system, the option to change each character’s abilities by using different Arcana with the Arcana Selection. Meaning, “With 24 characters and 24 Arcana that makes 576 different combinations”.

The crowdfunding was launched due to the developer not getting the title picked up from a western publisher and wishing to get the game into the hands of global fans. Additionally, depending on the KickStarter’s success, Examu will consider adding new characters and delivering extra story content for fans of the series.

On the KickStarter page, there are mystery stretch goals, but only the campaign’s goal has been revealed at this time.

The developer details the game’s premise:

A few months back, an accident occurred which has upset the balance between the two worlds.

Mildred of the European Celestial Union and her sister Angelia Avallone caused a large scale dimensional rift that laid waste to the entire Kantou region of Japan.

Sensing the calamity, Angles from around the world came together and prevented ultimate ruination.

Yet, the balance between the two worlds remains precarious.

It has been two months since the Kantou Incident—the name given to Angelia Avalon’s failed attempt to punch through the walls between dimensions in the Kantou region of Japan.

During the Incident, the Drexler Institute—an organization with ties to demons—began to stir, re-activating various projects in different parts of the world. The Japanese branch of the Drexler Institute was annihilated by the European Celestial Union, but found new life as the Rosenberg Branch of the European Celestial Union.

Soon after the Kantou Incident, large-scale dimensional rifts began to open all across Japan. This sudden uptick in celestial phenomena was seen as exceptionally odd by many, and some even whispered that it could be the result of secret research by the Drexler Institute. The Japanese branch of the Celestial Union was dispatched to investigate the phenomena, and they called on several angels from the National Academy of Metaphysics.

Several angels from the Rosenberg Branch of the Celestial Union were also dispatched, but they were soon intercepted by the Aesir.

Only six days remain until the destruction of Japan.

As of right now, the KickStarter is asking for $100,000 in crowdfunding with 27 days to go. In order to get a copy of the game, donators would need to back the $25 tier.