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Arcane Act 2 (Episodes 4-6) Netflix Release Date, Time and Recap

The journey of Jinx and Vi has only started.

November 12, 2021

The first Act of Riot Games’ Arcane anime series is out for everyone to watch. Now, it’s almost time for us to witness ACT 2 of the show with the following three episodes. Well, here’s when you’ll get to watch episode 4 of the League of Legends series.

Arcane is the first anime series by Riot Games, the video game developer well-known for giving us several popular multiplayer games. And interestingly, the new anime series is set in the universe of League of Legends, a massive MOBA title from Riot.

To celebrate the upcoming anime series, the creators announced the month-long RiotX Arcane event across all its titles. Of course, all the weapon skins and in-game items are incredibly unique; however, everyone was also eager to see what the anime series will have to offer. Well, the first three episodes of the show are already out, and now, fans are looking forward to the release of Act 2.

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Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane Episode Count and Acts Explained

Riot Games and Netflix confirmed that Arcane would feature nine episodes, with each episode having a runtime of 40 minutes. However, Season 1 of the anime series will be divided into three ‘Acts,’ and each will feature three episodes. So, with Act 1 already available to watch on Netflix, we now have six more Arcane episodes to look forward to this month.

Arcane: Story So Far

Act 1 of Arcane begins with Vi, Powder, Mylo, and Claggor breaking into a science lab in Piltover. However, besides the valuable artifacts, Powder finds some mysterious crystals brimming with energy. Unfortunately, Powder drops one of the crystals that explodes the entire building. Of course, the group successfully escapes Plitover, but the word of their break-in spreads everywhere.

Interestingly, those crystals belonged to Jayce, who was using them to create magic. The higher-ups in The Council considered this a felony and banished Jayce from the council. On one side, Jayce thinks that the merger of magic and technology can save multiple lives. However, most of the Council members believe that the world is better off magic. Almost on the brink of collapse, Jayce tries to commit suicide, but fortunately, Viktor saves him. The assistant of the dean of The Academy says that he wants to help Jayce in his research.

In Zaun, Vander warns Vi and the other kids not to try something like this ever again. He promises Vi that he will deal with this and that no harm will come to them; however, Piltover wants someone to pay for damage to their city. So, Vander decides to turn himself over to save the kids, preventing a war between Piltover and Zaun.

On the other hand, Silco, who wants to bring down the upper city with violence, learns about the event. The former ally of Vander thinks that the Hound of the Undercity is vulnerable right now. So, he uses the serum on one of his underlings to turn him into a monster and capture Vander. Everything works out as Silco planned, and he holds Vander captive.

Vi, who watched everything locked inside a room, gathers Mylo and Claggor to rescue Vander. Vi asks Powder to stay back as she can’t afford to lose her, but Powder decides to help them anyway. After an intense fight, Vi was close to escaping their enemies with Vander; however, Powder’s intervention ended up working against them. The crystal that Powder uses causes the death of Mylo and Claggor, ruining Vi’s escape plan. Finally, Vander uses Silco’s serum to save Violet. Furious after everything that has happened, Vi releases her aggression on Powder by hitting her and calling her “Jinx.”

Silco finds emotionally devastated Powder crying on the street, and instead of killing her, he takes her under his wing. Vi, who watches Silco with Powder, steps towards them to protect her sister; however, Marcus appears from behind and makes her unconscious.

While all this was happening, Jayce and Viktor completed their experiment with crystals and successfully created magic. So, it marks the beginning of Hextech in Arcane.

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When Does Arcane Episode 4 Come Out?

Release Date

When writing this post, Arcane Act 2 is scheduled to come out with the next three episodes on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. So, you’ll get to watch Episode 4 plus two more chapters of the League of Legends series tomorrow.

Riot Games’ anime series is available to watch exclusively on Netflix. So, make sure you’ve got your subscription renewed before the next Act drops on the streaming platform.

Besides that, you can follow the show and the countdown for the next Act on Arcane’s official website.

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Release Time

Arcane Act 2 will come out with the next three episodes at 12 AM PDT (Pacific Timing).

Interestingly, Act 1 dropped at unusual timing because Riot wanted to premiere the show after LoL World Championship Finals 2021. However, with the tournament over, the streaming platform is back to its usual release schedule.

Riot confirmed the above release time on Twitter; however, the timing will vary depending on your time zone. So, here’s when you can expect episode 4 of Arcane to drop in these time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 12 AM PST
  • Central Time: 2 AM CST
  • Eastern Time: 3 AM EST
  • British Time: 9 AM BST
  • European Time: 10 AM CEST
  • Indian Time: 1:30 PM IST
  • Australia Time: 5:30 PM ACST

Arcane | Official Announcement | Netflix

Arcane | Official Announcement | Netflix
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