Arcane Fan Hits the Mark with Smoky Jinx Cosplay

April 25, 2022

Arcane Fan Вика Хорникаге (@ravvcoser) embodies the punk attitude and soft expressions of the show’s explosive marksman in an awesome Jinx Cosplay.

Riot’s animated series Arcane immediately captivated League of Legends fans when it first released on Netflix in November 2021. Centering on the tragic tale of how Powder and Vi are pulled apart by growing tensions, Arcane brought a new perspective to League‘s playable characters.

Now, months later, the show continues to enjoy immense popularity. Of course, with explosive personalities and equally bold outfits, the show’s characters inspired fans to show their love for Arcane through cosplay. Here, cosplayer and content creator Вика Хорникаге (@ravvcoser), also known as Vic or Vika, bursts onto the scene in a smoky Jinx cosplay.



Вика Хорникаге (@ravvcoser), also known as Vic or Vika, is a cosplayer and streamer hailing from Russia. Having slipped into personalities like Genshin Impact‘s Yae Miko and Attack on Titan‘s Mikasa, Vika is an experienced artist when it comes to cosplay. She approaches her cosplay work with a specific eye for visual aesthetics, using creative photography to truly capture the characters.

Following her last Genshin cosplay, Vika straps on the boots to portray Jinx. Chaotic with a love for wreaking havoc, Jinx is Arcane‘s resident troublemaker. Though manic and lacking much care for consequences, Jinx boasts a confidently spunky attitude that is as vibrant as her hair.

With the puff of smoke behind her, Vika’s Jinx cosplay screams confidence. Her poses reveal the character’s cocky attitude, yet show off her tough side as well. Looking more closely at the cosplay, the level of craftsmanship is undeniable. All the details, from the hems on the leather to the tattoos, truly shine in an incredibly accurate recreation.

Though now known for her penchant for chaos, Jinx was once just a young girl – Powder. Soft-spoken and a little shy, Powder was the version of Jinx untouched by betrayal and hurt. Vika perfectly captures that softer side of the character, looking forlorn in a pose mimicking the show.


If you can’t get enough of Vika’s cosplays, check her out on Instagram! She also posts her work often on Twitter and streams on Twitch as well.

Arcane is available now to watch on Netflix.

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