Arcane Fan’s Fierce Jinx Cosplay is Right on Target

March 11, 2022

With her fierce pose and awesome props, KawaiiQueen Emi’s Arcane Jinx cosplay brings the smoke.

Riot’s animated series Arcane gripped League of Legends fans right when it dropped on Netflix. Telling the heartwrenching tale of how two sisters – and two cities – are pulled apart by growing tensions, Arcane showed a new side to League‘s champions.

Seeing new perspectives of their beloved champions, many fans took to cosplay to show their love for the show. Here, cosplayer KawaiiQueen Emi slips into Jinx’s boots, showing off a killer Arcane cosplay.



Looking at KawaiiQueen Emi’s Instagram, it’s obvious she’s an expert cosplay craftsman. From Genshin Impact‘s Mona to Final Fantasy‘s Aerith, Emi has the ability to transform into any character she chooses.

This time, she takes on Arcane‘s electric marksman Jinx. Known for her penchant for impulse, Jinx wreaks havoc and brings her own flavor of chaos wherever she goes.

Here, KawaiiQueen Emi perfectly captures every aspect of Jinx energy – laid back, tough, and fun. Her poses exude the confidence of the character, yet show off her more eccentric side as well. The details on her boots are particularly awesome – tough and practical, yet graffitied to customize for personal style.

Photography by Seila
Photo Credits: Rey Cabato @remcreate
Photography by: Rey Cabato @remcreate

Overall, KawaiiQueen Emi’s Arcane Jinx cosplay is every bit as fierce as the original character. From the detail in the styling of Jinx’s bright blue hair to the purposeful seams on the outfit, she’s blown this look out of the water. Luckily for any Arcane fans out there, she’s also working on another Jinx cosplay – this time on her classic League of Legends skin.

Following that, these photos were expertly shot by Seila of and Rey Cabato of @remcreate. Additionally, Charlie Nelson (@snoochie_booch on Instagram) lent his skills to create the life-like replica of Jinx’s minigun Pow-Pow and rocket launcher Fishbones.

And, if you can’t get enough, KawaiiQueen Emi also shot a cosplay video for a cinematic touch. Watch the full cosplay video below:

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