Arcane Season 1 Ending Explained: Will The Council Members Live?

What happens in the cliffhanger episode.

November 20, 2021

The first season of Arcane League of Legends has ended and the show has won over many hearts.

Arcane Season 1 ended at a cliffhanger which not only makes us wonder if the next season is coming but also begs other questions like what would happen to the council members who became the target of Jinx’s deadly Hextech missile.

But before you decide to read any further, here’s a fair warning: major spoilers ahead!

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Arcane | Vi’s Records Council Archives Trailer

Arcane | Vi’s Records Council Archives Trailer

What Happens At The End Of Arcane Season 1

First of all, we see Silco die in the last episode which becomes the catalyst for Powder aka Jinx’s transformation. So far in the eight previous episodes, we see the character living in a dilemma of which side she should embrace – the innocent Powder or the crazy Jinx. But watching Silco die becomes the final nail in Powder’s coffin as she goes ahead and completely accepts Jinx’s personality.

When Jinx launches the Hextech at the council building, all the members are seen inside it presiding over a meeting over the future of Zaun. Even though Jayce manages to convince other council members of Zaun’s freedom, his efforts are rendered futile with the death of Silco and the fact that Jinx’s missile would probably kill them all.

This makes us wonder whether any council members would survive the attack at the end of Arcane season 1.

We haven’t seen what happens after the attack, but it seems like the council members won’t survive the explosion except for Jayce. There are a couple of reasons behind this speculation.

First, we know that Jayce is a character that exists in the world of League of Legends. And it seems that any character that would make it to the next season would have a significant or a permanent place in LoL lore. That’s because creators of Arcane have so far killed all the new characters like Vander, Benzo, Mylo, Claggor, etc.

Most of the council members apart from Jayce and Heimerdinger (ex-council member now) are new characters so it makes sense if the creators just kill those complications eventually and the explosion seems like the perfect scene for it.

Next, we see Mel Medarda take off her Noxus ring before siding with Jayce in the decision regarding Zaun. We could see that Mel was obviously falling for Jayce and she is the only one who notices the incoming missile.

So my guess is that she’d probably try to save Jayce and shield him from the attack given that she cares about him. And this might just become the story as to how Jayce survives the attack and not the other council members.

But remember folks, that’s just my speculation and we will have to wait for the next season to confirm it.

Another major development in the story is the death of Marcus who was the sheriff in Arcane season 1. We already know that in League of Legends lore, Caitlyn is the sheriff and Marcus’ death is probably the stepping stone to how she advances and fills his shoes as the next sheriff, thus fulfilling the lore as well.

Just before the end, we also see a glimpse (speculated to be) of Warwick. This scene appears after Jinx pulls the trigger and we see the faces of several characters appear on screen one by one until we see Singed sitting in his lab. A body appears to be hanging above him whose claws are visible and they resemble Warwick’s. There is another theory on how this beast could be Warwick and its relation with Vander that you can check out.

Who will survive in Arcane Season 2?

Apart from Jayce and Caitlyn as mentioned above, we will see other major characters as well who survive in the next season. Those include Vi and Jinx which is quite obvious and then there is Heimerdinger who would also survive since he’s not a council member anymore so he wasn’t present in the council building that Jinx targeted.

Ekko is another character who’d live and we see him alongside Heimerdinger in the underbelly of Zaun.

Viktor is also going to survive because the character just underwent a major transformation in the last episode where he uses the Hextech core to save his own life but accidentally ends up taking the life of his assistant Sky.

Even though Sevika is a new character, it looks like she will probably survive in the next season along with other characters like Mel Medarda’s mother known as Ambessa Medarda.

Apart from that, we can also expect to see new characters in the next season. After the exciting cliffhanger episode at the end of Arcane season 1, we are eagerly waiting for the next one to arrive!

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