ArcheAge 4th Korean Closed Beta Ends, Here Are 133 Screenshots

ArcheAge 4th Korean Closed Beta Ends, Here Are 133 Screenshots

The 4th Korean Closed Beta of ArcheAge ended today after more than three months of testing, that placed the game as a clear contender in the future MMORPG scenario.

The sandbox-focused MMORPG by XL Games proved definitely impressive both in its visuals (thank to the use of CryEngine) and in the extremely open ended options provided to the players, allowing them to make a lasting impact on the game’s world.

While we still don’t know what the future plans of the developer entail, an announcement for a western localization isn’t unlikely, especially considering that they’ve bee showing the game to the western press (yours truly included).

As a result you can expect a full fledged preview soon. To wet your appetite and to let you see that I’m not joking when I talk about impressive visuals, you can enjoy a rather large screenshot gallery below. You’ll even find a few screenshots of Megan’s character.

Despite her initial reaction that can be precisely quoted as “It burns us!”, I managed to coerce her into making a female character (that looked like everyone’s favorite FemShep, and was named “notshepard”) for your visual enjoyment.

If you’re wondering, the beautiful castle cities that you can see in many of the pictures aren’t just a painted backdrops, but they’re actually fully explorable cities built with impressive care.