ArcheAge: Farming and Housing Details Broken Down

ArcheAge: Farming and Housing Details Broken Down

Trion has released new information and a video on the different types of player housing that will be available in the upcoming MMORPG, ArcheAge. Players will have the chance to own land in non-instanced areas. This will not only make them visible to other players in the game, but also vulnerable to the in-game world’s climate changes, different environments, and availability.

The two types of properties will be Farms and Houses. Farms will be on either 8×8 or 16×16 meter grids unlocked through farming quests. Claiming the land will involve building a scarecrow to serve as a way to toggle between public and private use your property. If public access is allowed, other players may also plant or harvest from the area.

Houses and the surrounding land will come in a variety of sizes starting at 16×16 up to 44×44 meters. Here, you’ll also be able to plant crops and raise livestock just like on a farm.  The catch will be a weekly cost of ownership billed directly to your in-game mailbox. You’ll be allowed to miss a week’s worth of dues that will add a late fee the following week, but neglecting your bills for too long will run the risk of losing your house to another player or having it simply disappear. ArcheAge will also offer a type of real estate system if you wish to unload your burdens for profit instead.

Lastly, what’s a house without any decorations? Furniture will be available through crafting, from other players, and sold from the demo houses where you will purchase your deed. Not just pretty to look at, housing decor will also include extra storage, high-level crafting stations, and multi-functional fireplaces.

You can find the complete guide here and check out screenshots and livestream recording  below: