GO Fest 2021: Are Entei, Raikou & Suicune Good? Best Moveset + Shiny Status/Odds

By Sam Woods

July 17, 2021

Entei, Raikou and Suicune are some of the most popular Legendary Pokemon in the entire series, thanks to their debut in arguably the best mainline Pokemon games, Gold and Silver.

The Legendary Dogs now make their return to Pokemon GO as part of a STACKED second day of GO Fest.

The trio join 34 other Legendary Pokemon who players will be able to raid over the course of an eight-hour period.

But are Entei, Raikou and Suicune good in Pokemon GO and should you spend your Raid Passes on them? Let’s take a look at their best movesets, meta relevance and if they can be shiny.

Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

Can The Johto Dogs be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

The Legendary Dogs’ Shiny forms have been in Pokemon GO for roughly two years now.

Raikou was the first available in June 2019, then Entei in July of the same year and following those, Suicune in August.

Like the three Legendary Birds, the Legendary Dogs don’t undergo major changes when comparing their Shiny forms to their normal ones.

The trio generally maintains their usual colour scheme but just have slightly different shades. Entei is a darker brown than his usual form, Raikou more orangey and Suicune a lighter shade of blue.

As they are Legendary Pokemon, they have much increased odds of being Shiny, down to 1 in 20.

Are Entei, Raikou and Suicune Good in Pokemon GO? What are Their Best Movesets?


Let’s start with Entei. While arguably the coolest of the three, it struggles to make an impact in the PVP meta.

It comes in at a paltry 403rd place in the Great League and 227th in the Ultra League according to PVPoke, meaning it’s a pretty hard skip.

If you’re going to use it, the Master League is the place (providing you have a ton of XL Candies) as Entei comes in at 103rd. Still not great but better than the Great/Ultra Leagues.

The moveset you’ll want to use for Entei is:

  • Fast Move – Fire Spin
  • Charge Move – Flame Charge
  • Charge Move – Iron Head


Raikou performs significantly better in PVP than its fiery counterpart.

It comes in at 104th in the Great League, beating out Pokemon like the pesky Azumarill and Skarmory.

It then goes one better, at 95th place in the Ultra League, however, it’s the Master League where Raikou shines.

It ranks 43rd overall, once powered up with XL Candies, and beats some of the divisions top performers including; Togekiss, Yveltal, Gyarados, Metagross and Lugia to name but a few.

Its best moveset is:

  • Fast Move – Volt Switch
  • Charge Move – Wild Charge
  • Charge Move – Shadow Ball


The last of the three Legendary Dogs is Suicune.

Suicune is slightly worse in the Great League than Raikou, coming in at 124th place. Despite this though, it still beats some big players in the league like Galarian Stunfisk, Azumarill, Skarmory, Swampert and Umbreon.

Suicune’s best opportunity is in the Ultra League, where it ranks 47th and picking up big wins against Giratina, Togekiss, Articuno, Charizard and Gyarados – however, this time it loses to Swampert.

The Water Dog also performs respectably in the Master League. It comes in at 87th place but wins against Togekiss, Groudon and Rayquaza. Sadly though, even with an Ice-type move, it fails to beat a range of the best Dragon-types such as Dialga, Giratina and Dragonite.

The best moveset for Suicune is below:

  • Fast Move – Snarl
  • Charge Move – Ice Beam
  • Charge Move – Bubble Beam (Ultra League) or Hydro Pump (Master League)
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