GO Fest 2021: Are Heatran, Cresselia & Giratina Good? Best Moves + Shiny Status

July 17, 2021

The Sinnoh region was one of the most exciting regions in terms of Legendary Pokemon introductions.

It saw the release of the Lake Guardians, Uxie, Azelf and Mespirit, the mascot Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia, an extra Regi, Regigigas, then Heatran, Cresselia and Giratina, all of which return during Day Two of GO Fest.

With 37 Legendary Pokemon available in Five-Star Raids, players are having to be selective with which ones they focus on.

To help your decision, we take a look if Heatran, Cresselia and Giratina are good and whether you should spend your time, effort and Raid Passes on them.

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Can Heatran, Cresselia and Giratina be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

This is another batch of Legendary Pokemon in which all three can be Shiny.

Cresselia was first up in May 2019, Giratina’s Altered Forme was next in September of that year (with its Origin Forme following in October 2020) and Heatran joined the other two in January 2020.

Giratina changes from yellow, black and red to a more ghostly blue/cream colour as seen below:

Cresselia retains a lot of its original colours, however, shifts them around to different parts of its body. You can check its Shiny form here:

Shiny Heatran is probably the most underwhelming of the three, just turning a darker shade of its usual colour-scheme:

The good news is, if you choose to hunt any of these three Shiny Pokemon, you’ll have a much easier time than usual.

The odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon is usually 1 in 500, however, as these are Legendary Raid Bosses, you’ll encounter them at roughly 1 in 20.

Is Heatran Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Heatran is entirely unusable until you get to the Master League but even then the Steel and Fire-type Pokemon doesn’t set the world alight.

When powered up to level 50 with XL Candies, PVPoke has it down as the 40th best Pokemon in the division. While it does beat some of the Master League’s biggest threats – including Dialga, Lugia and Togekiss – it suffers against many more.

Using Heatran would certainly present a risk, but there’s definitely a niche for it. If you do, this is the moveset you’ll want to use:

  • Fast Move – Fire Spin
  • Charge Move – Flamethrower
  • Charge Move – Iron Head

Is Cresselia Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Cresselia is one of a very small group of Pokemon that can impact all three PVP Leagues.

It puts in a stellar performance in the Great League, ranking 9th overall, and comes in at a respectable 93rd place in the Master League, beating both Mewtwo and Togekiss. However, if you’re going for Cresselia, it’s the Ultra League you’ll want to aim for.

The Lunar Pokemon is the second-best in the division, with only Registeel ranked higher. It picks up wins against Giratina, Swampert, Togekiss and Melmetal, all of which are solid Ultra League Pokemon.

Cresselia’s best moveset does require the use of an Elite Charged TM, though. You can see it below:

  • Fast Move – Psycho Cut
  • Charge Move – Moonblast
  • Charge Move – Grass Knot*

*Requires the use of a charged TM.

Is Altered Giratina Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Giratina isn’t a Pokemon that can be used in the Great League, but it’s a very, very solid option in both the Ultra and Master Leagues – something which if you’ve battled in these leagues before, you’re probably aware of.

Altered Giratina has a great type combination and solid bulk that make it a force to be reckoned with.

It’s the 8th best choice in the Ultra League and 18th best in the Master League, picking up some massive wins in both. Just be aware, you’ll need XL Candies for it to reach its potential in the Master League.

Altered Giratina’s best moveset is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Shadow Claw
  • Charge Move – Dragon Claw
  • Charge Move – Shadow Sneak
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