GO Fest 2021: Are Lugia and Ho-Oh Good? Best Moveset, Max CP & Shiny Status

July 17, 2021

Ho-Oh and Lugia are the mascot Legendaries from Pokemon Gold and Silver (the best mainline Pokemon games).

The pair sat atop Tin Tower in their respective games and were some of the most sought after Pokemon in the series.

Now, the duo return to Pokemon GO during Day Two of Pokemon GO Fest, alongside a raft of other Legendary Pokemon.

But are Lugia and Ho-Oh good in Pokemon GO? What’s their best moveset and max CP? Can they be shiny? Let’s answer all of these questions and more!

Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

Duo’s Shiny Status in Pokemon GO.

The good news for shiny hunters is that both Lugia and Ho-Oh are available in their Shiny Forms at Pokemon GO Fest this year.

In fact, Lugia was the first-ever Shiny Legendary Pokemon in the game’s history releasing back in March 2018. Ho-Oh followed its Psychic counterpart a couple of months later, with its Shiny Form releasing in May of that year.

As you can see from the images below, both Lugia and Ho-Oh look relatively different in their Shiny Forms. Ho-Oh turns to a more orange/silver combination and Lugia inherits a rosy pink colour.

They are likely to have odds of 1 in 20 to be shiny!

Are Ho-Oh and Lugia Good in Pokemon GO? What is their Best Moveset, Max CP and Meta Relevance?

Unsurprisingly, both Lugia and Ho-oh are great in Pokemon GO, however, even I couldn’t have predicted they would rank as well as they have.


As you can imagine, Ho-Oh isn’t a Pokemon you want to be taking to the Great League, however, it does have a place in the Ultra League.

PVPoke ranks it as the 65th best choice in the division, beating Swampert, Cresselia, Togekiss and more, provided you use an Elite Charged TM to get one of Ho-Oh’s legacy moves.

The Master League is where you really want to be using Ho-Oh though. It’s currently the fifth-best Pokemon in the whole league and GO Fest will provide a great opportunity to grab some XL Candies.

Although it loses against some of the Dragons, it picks up some massive wins against Dialga, Togekiss, Mewtwo and Yveltal amongst others.

Ho-Oh’s max CP is 3863 at Level 40 or 4367 at Level 50.

Its best moveset is:

  • Fast Move – Incinerate
  • Charge Move – Brave Bird
  • Charge Move – Earthquake*

*Elite Charged TM required.


Even though Ho-Oh’s PVP performance is exceptional, Lugia manages to one-up it.

Unlike Ho-Oh, there is a place in the Great League meta for Lugia as it comes in as the 96th best Pokemon beating some tricky foes including Medicham, Altaria and Scrafty. You’re probably not going to want to waste a Lugia here though.

Moving to the Ultra League, Lugia is the 27th best choice. A very respectable position and one that is deserved, considering Lugia takes down Swampert, Cresselia and Togekiss.

No for arguably the most shocking news – At the time of writing, Lugia is, according to PVPoke, the BEST Pokemon in the Master League. It’s more favourable than Mewtwo and many, many more. It picks up victories against the aforementioned Mewtwo as well as Dragonite, Groudon, Garchomp and plenty of others.

Lugia’s max CP is slightly lower than Ho-Oh’s, coming in at 3703 at Level 40 or 4186 at Level 50.

The best moveset for Lugia is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Dragon Tail
  • Charge Move – Sky Attack
  • Charge Move – Aeroblast*

*Elite Charged TM required.

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