Are PS2 Bundles Replacing PS3 Backwards Compatibility?

Are PS2 Bundles Replacing PS3 Backwards Compatibility?

Some pretty big news recently is the fact that Sony is releasing the first two PS2 God of War titles in a bundle on one BluRay disc, for play on the PS3. I was thinking for a bit that this was a pretty sweet idea. Although I’m not a fan of that particular franchise, it still opened up the idea that more titles from various developers could follow. Even though I already own all three games, it would be likely I’d re-purchase a Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII bundle, especially if they threw in a few new things or graphical upgrades during the process.

Then, I was suddenly fed a horrible idea that I hadn’t thought of. I was talking with a friend the other day about this very subject, and he burst my bubble with this outrageous thought: Sony has no intention of ever adding backwards compatibility to the PS3 because they’re going to make us re-purchase everything we want for the system in the form of these PS2 game bundles. At first, I started to disagree…but I stopped myself. Slowly, the realization came that I wouldn’t put it past Sony to pull something like that.

I assume when Sony “rebuilds” these games for the PS3 they will not require emulation software or hardware to run – thus their firm stance recently that we will never again see backwards compatibility for PS2 titles on that console. To be honest, its not that huge of a deal for me – I still have my old PS2 slim and it works just fine. The PS2 is such an RPG powerhouse that I have a feeling I’ll keep it around for years to come, just to be able to play my large collection of RPGs for the system whenever I want. However, it would have been nice just to need one piece of hardware to do that instead of two. I had hoped that, with the PS3 Slim models, they would add backwards compatibility back to the system, but those hopes are now shattered. Thanks Sony.

If they start mass releasing PS2 game bundles in PS3 format, I really can’t say I would be inclined to buy them, whether I own the game or not. I’d be more likely to go out and find the original PS2 version of the game if I want to play it that bad and don’t already own it. The more bundles they release, the more I would be sure that it’s the reason they are now staunchly opposed to backwards compatibility on the PS3. Not that I’m against Sony making money, but it’s the principle of the matter that will cause me to avoid these bundles.

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  1. wiifan says:

    This is like Nintendo releasing Metroid Prime Trilogy. I didn’t play the first two on GameCube, and I didn’t buy the Wii release either. So I’m excited to have those three with IR controls on my Wii now. That was an easy decision to buy that. But Wii is nice to still give us owners FULL compatibility with GameCube games and discs. Not partial like 360 or nothing like PS3, but FULL SUPPORT. This is what I love about the company. But for what you are saying, if Sony would do this with all PS2 titles then this is sad. But it is a great sell for people that missing the game on the last gen console and want to have all the games at once to play. That’s where I see it as a benefit. But to just do it for extra cash from people with 1 or 2 titles at a time just to expand the PS3 library; then I say bad on Sony. That’s not something to do to your loyal fans. I wouldn’t except it from anyone, even Nintendo. Thank goodness all of my GC games are still playable on the Wii and I can get rid of the GC console. That’s also a reason I won’t make the jump to PS3 from my PS2. I still have games for that and I do not like having multiple consoles taking up space on my entertainment center just because some company will not honor a feature they advertised in the very beginning… which was backward compatibility. For $600 it should have been there. At $300 it should still be there. I don’t blame any PS3 loyalist to be upset with that decision. It’s just bad business.

  2. junior says:

    there would be no point in buying the old ps2 games because the frame rate is slow its not
    worth playing ofr instance scarface ps2 frame rate terrible catch my drift

  3. Phill Bowser says:

    Nice article Chad, I agree that this is Sony’s strategy to combat PS3 backwards compatibility issues. I don’t think they will do it on a massive scale though, just with select titles. They knew since GOW3 wasn’t coming until after the holiday season they had to put something out there. Personally I own a PS3 not a PS2, and I have only played GOW1 so this bundle is right up my alley. I’m currently enjoying another bundle, Metroid Prime Trilogy, as well and love it. My only complaint is that Sony isn’t sprucing up the games at all.

  4. TeRRoRoFdEaTh says:

    My best guess is that BC will only come when the PS2 is dead and gone, ie. stopped production completely. That’s when Sony will decide to bring BC to PS3.

  5. terrin says:

    junior you are a retard the gow remakes are running at 60 frames per second…maybe if you read that you would know

  6. Dirk says:

    As far as I’m concerned there would have to be something added to the game to make the purchase worthwhile. Either that or drastic reduction in cost for the new port of the game.

  7. name says:

    i would love to see most PS2 games remastered in HD, but i doubt this will happen because its to costly for the devs and they cant charge to much for them otherwise people wont buy them.
    i would kill for a pandemonium, odworld. DMC, RESIDENT EVIL remakes.
    especially odworld thats my favorite PS1 game, i hope the rumors of that coming to the PSN are true.

  8. @name: I’d love to see some PS1 games remastered for the PS3 (*cough*FFVII*cough*). That’s a bit of a different situation though, as PS1 discs can still be played on the PS3.

  9. name says:

    if you can find them.
    ive been looking for pandemonium and odworld for months and cant find them even on ebay.