Are We Ready for the PSN+?

More big news expected from E3, seems Sony has scheduled a major press conference for June 15. Many expect this to be the announcement of the subscription pay service for the PlayStation. The question remains thought – are we ready to pay for the PlayStation Network?

Dubbed the PSN+, it’s rumored to be a $9.99 a month service for gamers to get onto the PSN network. Gamers will still be able to get online gameplay for the regular free price, but with the paid service you’ll be able to experience “Top-Tier” benefits. These include cross-gaming voice chat, download, and free PS3 and PSP mini-games. Are we excited yet?

Other benefits are leaking out slowly and nothing can be confirmed until Sony makes their announcement this June – the question remains though – is the cost worth it? Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to announce a reduction in cost to the Xbox Live service, so we could be in the middle of an all out price war for you online dollars. This is always good news for the consumers, who usually benefit from any price war. Over the last several months, however, we’ve had news for online passes from major publishers and now a free service beginning to be charges. Seems gaming companies are following the housing and automotive industries in this country and being disconnected with the consumer. Most gamers own more than one system and the costs to maintain a gaming experience continues to rise. These companies are the same people who want to convince gamers to buy their products new, yet with the recent price and service changes, it seems as though they are pushing consumers towards used titles.

I’m curious to know what some of you think. Would you pay for more than online service? And what are your thoughts about online passes?

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Kirk Williams

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