Are Xenogears and Other PS1-era RPGs Coming Soon to the North American PSN?

Are Xenogears and Other PS1-era RPGs Coming Soon to the North American PSN?


Suikoden II. Vagrant Story. Xenogears. What comes to your mind when you think of these three classic RPGs? Probably something along the lines of missing the hay day of RPGs back in the PS1 era, before voice acting, before such a focus on pristine visuals and before games started putting those two things above any substance at all.


You may or may not know, then, that two of these three titles are available on the PSN in regions outside North America. Hopefully that will change soon, and we have a few hints from Sony that it will. In the comments on a recent post on the PlayStation Blog about updates to the PSN, Sony’s Ro Hernandez had a few choice remarks to make when anxious fans inquired about these PS1 classics.

A fan asked if there was anything new to report on PS1 classics like Xenogears, which has been available on the PSN for over two years in Japan, and the reply was:

“Unfortunately not, still being tested…”

On the topic of Vagrant Story, which is already available on the Japanese and European PSN, he replied:

“Hopefully soon??”

And, finally, in regards to Suikoden II, it was said:

“We’ll see what we can do!”


So, take those comments how you will, but one thing is sure – Sony knows that fans in North America want these classics added to the PlayStation Store sooner rather than later, so hopefully we’ll see some movement in that regard in the coming months.