Are You Ready for Some... Baseball?

Well are you? You better be, because not 1 but 2 officially licensed baseball series’ will be landing on store shelves today. While one of them will be coming out for every single game machine out their (possibly Texas Instruments calculators even) the other will be Sony only. This has pretty much been a one horse race for the past two years but let’s take a quick look into the two who will be contending for your $60, shall we?

MLB 2K10 is promising to make good on all of its downfalls from last year’s iteration. And if you are unaware as to what I’m talking about make sure to take a look at the developer call we had the chance of sitting in on. Things seem to be on the up and up for a title that left much to be desired last year. 2K Sports may be the MJ of the hardwood, but has looked more like Bad News Bears on the diamond.

MLB 10 The Show is the proverbial 500lb gorilla in the room not just for it’s closest competition, but dare I say, sports games in general. This is the best looking and playing franchise year in and year out. The title truly sets a standard with every newer version that is released. Although 2009 had some issues (road to the show ring a bell?), it was still the game to beat.

With the Mets and Braves taking the field today to start off spring training in Florida, there are potenionally 32 teams with a shot at this years’ World Series. In gaming however, it’s a battle between these two titles mentioned above. By next week we should have reviews for both and we’ll let you know who’s hitting clean-up and who’s riding the pine. Make sure to stay tuned.

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