Arena Shooter PWND Out Now on PC; Receives New Launch Trailer

Arena Shooter PWND Out Now on PC; Receives New Launch Trailer

Humiliate your opponents in the best possible way with today's launch of PWND on PC.

Skydance Interactive officially released its arena shooter PWND today on PC via Steam. The game is currently in Early Access after going through a few beta tests over the last month and a half. In addition to the announcement of the games release, Skydance Interactive also released a brand new launch trailer, which can be seen below.

PWND is unlike any other arena shooter in the market currently. Sure it shares a few similarities like wacky characters with unique abilities and unloackable cosmetic items, however where the game really stands out is in its unique gameplay mechanic. In PWND, shooting and downing an enemy is not enough to earn you a kill. When you down an opponent you have to go up to their downed body and “PWN” them. Your’e basically tea bagging them for a short period of time before you actually get credit for the kill. There is one small caveat though. While you are tea bagging the downed enemy, their is a small timer you must wait through for the “PWN” to be successful. During this timer, their teammates have the chance to shoot and down you, so strategic teamplay is a must in order to successfully pull off a “PWN”.

The game also features unlockable crates that will grant you weapon skins, character skins and other unlockable cosmetic items that are common in similar games in the genre. As of now, the game features four unique heroes and three different maps.

PWND is currently available in Early Access via Steam for $29.99. However the game can be purchased now through July 27, 2017 with a 20% discount, bringing the price down to $23.99.