ArenaNet Continues Guild Wars 2 Revamp with New Daily Achievement System

on December 10, 2014 8:09 PM

ArenaNet has revealed the new daily achievement system that is coming to Guild Wars 2. After detailing a major reconstruction of the games PvP to help encourage competitive play, the new achievement system is another step the development team is taking to refine the Guild Wars 2 experience.

In a post by Mike Zadorojny, the new system is detailed with emphasis placed on the new division of daily achievements. Players will be able to earn achievements in one of three categories: PvE, WvW and PvP. The decision behind this is to allow players to earn rewards that better fit what they enjoy doing and drive them to content rather than provide generic rewards.

The changes mean that you no longer need to earn daily achievement points by completeing all the dailies, and that if you merely complete three dailies across any of the three categories you will earn achievement points. This means that monthly achievements will be disappearing in the near future and the system will be converted to something new next year. What has been added is a new log-in reward system that works like a holiday calendar, earning you a daily reward and progress toward an epic chest for each day that you play Guild Wars 2.

Achievement changes will be coming along with Guild Wars 2‘s winter holiday event called ‘Wintersday’ on December 16th and it looks to make more things for you to do on a daily basis. You can count me in for logging in every couple of days knowing I’m making progress for some sweet new loot just by showing up.

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