Ares Joins the Smite Battlefield, Feels Right At Home

Hi-Rez Studios today released their new Smite reveal trailer for Ares, the god of war. Serving the role of a magical tank, Ares features multiple abilities that either disrupt enemies, bolster his team’s defenses, or do percentage-based damage over time to enemies in addition to regular base damage. The Blessed Presence passive grants him 40 magical power for each rank 3 aura item purchased for the store.

For his actives, his first ability, Shackle, throws a linear attack out that damages all enemies in its path. If it connects to an enemy god, it will latch on for a few seconds, sapping that god’s movement speed and doing damage over time. Next, the Bolster Defenses activates an aura around him and surrouding allies, granting them additional protection and lowering the duration on all enemy crowd control abilities. The next ability, Searing Flesh, is a conal flame attack that emanates from Ares’s shield, doing base magical damage as well as a percentage-based damage over time, something that is very effective against enemies with larger HP pools.

Lastly, Ares’s ultimate is called No Escape. It’s a circular AOE that attaches chains to all surrounding gods. After 2.5 seconds, Ares yanks the chain, pulling all enemies to him, doing magical damage as well as stunning them for a duration that is lengthened based on how many enemies were caught by the ability. Watch below to see a few laning and combat tactics with the Greco-Roman powerhouse. Smite is currently in open beta and will be free to play on PC in the future.

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